2017 Temperature Afghan

I have seen this and thought it was so very beautiful that I had to make one. I found a pattern, all half double crochet which is really easy. The idea is to create an afghan by crocheting a row every day, and the color of the row is determined by the temperature outdoors.

I am caught up on the rows as of 7/117, and it so pretty.

Range Color Name Color
111 plus rouge
101 to 110 fuchsia
91 to 100 mai tai
81 to 90 star dust
71° to 80 grey mist heather
61° to 70° soft fern
51 to 60 lapis
41 to 50 sea shell
33 to 40 flamingo
23 to 32 lavender
below 22 degrees plum mist heather


I have an idea for my next one, because there is definitely going to be a next one.  My son’s birthday’s in April, and next year he hits a milestone birthday.  I can start thinking of colors for his afghan (have to be manly, and he likes blacks and reds) and I have to pay attention to Seattle’s temperatures, but I think it’s totally do-able.

I am caught up with the rows as of 10/11


Under 39 Peri
39-44 Charcoal
45-49 wine

50-55  mid blue

56-60  really red

61-65 black

66-70 navy

71-75  royal blue

76-80  leaf

above 81 cherry red

Above 91 off white



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