Strengths and Weaknesses

19 06 2016

I took an online test to try to discover my strengths.  It was really interesting.  Per the test, my strengths are:

Faith (81%):

* Make efforts to discover your true passion and tie it to your work, no matter what you do.
* Align, but don’t compromise, your values to that of your organization.
* You respect others for learning about your family and community – give them the opportunity.
* You give more value to greater levels of service than more money – let others know this.
* People may not share your beliefs, but you feel they need to understand & respect – let them.

Balance (81%):

* You bring structure to chaotic situations – you don’t rest until order restored. Seek teams that need your help.
* Clutter will greatly annoy you – make every effort to enhance your organizational and planning systems.
* Always seek advance notice of deadlines, meetings, and project milestones.
* Surprises are distressing to you and can ruin your day – help others understand the way you operate.
* Actively take time out to prioritize your tasks and goals.
* Offer to help with time management and department processes.
* Continually work out possible outcome paths ahead of time to prepare for the unknowns.Curiosity (81%):

* Actively take on roles that require you to stay current in a fast moving field.
* Always stay hunting for a richer learning environment – the process keeps you energized.
* Track your learning progress and celebrate milestones along the way.
* Challenge yourself to be a resident expert or master of trade on a subject.
* Request to work beside someone who will continuously push you to learn more.
* Learn by teaching others – do discussion groups and presentations at work and in your community.
* Set aside money to support continued education, training, seminars, and e-learning.Teamwork (75%):

* You organize your life around your close relationships and should keep them in planning exercises.
* Don’t move around too much – you enjoy close, strong, genuine bonds and could be shaken up otherwise.
* Knowing people’s goals helps you bond with them – seek to find out more about the people you meet.
* You are loyal, place a high value on trust, and will not betray people – be the person people can come to.
* Build genuine trusting relationships with critical people you want around.
* Generosity is a strength – be aware, get noticed, and keep it up.Innovation (75%):

* Actively seek out positions where your ideas will be valued and encouraged.
* Be a designer, sales strategies, marketing guru, or customer service rep for new products and ideas.
* Search out and request ideas from others to stimulate your thinking.
* Constantly think of ideas that can improve businesses and the lives of others.
* You enjoy the power of words; punchy ideas stimulate your thinking – focus and play with this fact.
* For decisions, you need to know that everything fits together. Be aware and plan for decisions.
* If a decision seems to stand out as particularly bothersome, then check if it is an exception before worrying about it.

Your Remaining Results Are:

Optimism (69%):
Purpose (63%):
Integrity (63%):
Risk Taking (63%):
Leadership (63%):
Ambition (63%):
Determination (63%):
Communication (63%):
Self Motivation (50%):
Strategic Thinking (50%):
Visionary (50%):
Adaptability (50%):
Resourcefulness (50%):
Focus (44%):
Problem Solving (38%):

Your Bottom 1 Weakness Is:  Salesmanship


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